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Our Company Values

Honesty and Forthrightness

We like companies that have a straightforward way of doing business, and so we always do the same.  That way both parties know up front what they are getting in any transaction.

Doesn’t ‘Nickel and Dime’

Whenever a company charges me for every little thing, I just get the impression that they are trying to squeeze money out of me.   Thats why a price we agree on is the amount of money a customer receives.  We don’t sneak in hidden costs, or try to go back and re-negotiate the price after finding a leaky faucet, or a broken appliance. 

We Go the Extra Mile

We love receiving things for free.  Thats why when we do a consultation we go out of our way to provide many services for free.  We’ll do an assessment of your home’s current condition, and provide you with a summary of the best course of action.  Sometimes that means listing it with a realtor, and sometimes that means renting it out.  We can also arrange moving services at no cost to you.

We Have Your Best Interest at Heart, and We’re Not Trying to Reach a ‘Sales Goal

I’ll admit it, I’ve been ‘sold’ by a slick salesman before.  I’ve found that while I signed an agreement in the moment, if I have been pushed to sign something it always causes problems later on.  At Orange House Buyers, we don’t have any sales quota we are trying to make.  We’re just people trying to find out if we can help you, and always with what’s in both of our best interest.  Sometimes the means we do business together, and sometimes that means other options for our customers, but as long as we are always doing right by them. 

So Whats Next?

If you haven’t done so already, head on over to our “How it Works” page to see our process for buying houses!